Application Training

Click on class name below for outline. Public Classes run during the Daytime from 9 am to 4:30 pm 

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2018 Office ScheduleLengthJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDecPrice
Windows 10 Intro1 day4123195
MS Outlook 1 day931195
Word Level 11 day61025355195
Word Level 21 day13181512101912195
Word Level 31 day20242919172619195
PowerPoint Level 11 day11111101516195
PowerPoint Level 21 day1816131722813195
Excel Level 11 day51274964195
Excel Level 21 day12171611161311195
Excel Level 31 day19252118232018195
Excel VBA Level 41 day28303028250
Excel PowerPivots Level 51 day312527250
Access Level 11 day716661113195
Access Level 21 day1423201318810195
Access Level 31 day31302820251517195
Access Application Development1 daycall to schedule$250
Access VBA Programming1 daycall to schedule$250
Quickbooks Level 11 day262715195
Quickbooks Level 21 day272816195
Crystal Reports Level 12 days19-2013-148th-9400
Crystal Reports Level 22 days28-2922-2325-2620-21400
MS Project Level 11 day21308th1030153195
MS Project Level 21 day223191131164195
Adobe Acrobat1 daycall to schedule$195
Adobe Photoshop Level 11 day6142250
Adobe Photoshop Level 2 1 day13219250
Adobe Illustrator L11 day1357250
Adobe Illustrator L21 day8101214250
Adobe Indesign L11 day202816250
Adobe Indesign L21 day15171921250
MS InfoPath1 daycall to schedule$195
Ms OneNote1 day22232621195
SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site Owner2 days25& 2616-1722-2325-26500
SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site User 1 day22241214250
WordPress Intro Content Mgtment1 daycall to schedule$250