Application Training


Click on class name below for outline. Public Classes run during the Daytime from 9 am to 4:30 pm 

Download PDF of Schedule Jul-Dec 2019

Download PDF of Schedule Jan-Jun 2020

TitleLengthNov 2019Dec 2019Jan 2020Feb 2020Mar 2020Apr 2020May 2020June 2020Price 
Windows 10 Intro1 day11232111$195
Outlook Introduction1 day43339242$195
Word Level 11 day547410669$195
Word Level 21 day1211141219142017$195
Word Level 31 day1918212026222724$195
PowerPoint Level 11 day41653758$195
PowerPoint Level 21 day183131823202116$195
Excel Level 11 day658651573$195
Excel Level 21 day1312151312211311$195
Excel Level 31 day2018221925292825$195
Excel VBA Level 41 day25302824$250
Excel PowerPivots Level 51 day261324312626$250
Excel PowerBI 1 day272031272919$250
Access Level 11 day799104814$195
Access Level 21 day1416161723131115$195
Access Level 31 day2123232430271822$195
Access VBA Programming3 daycall to schedule$900
Quickbooks Level 11 day25291919$195
Quickbooks Level 21 day26302020$195
Crystal Reports Level 12 days14-1527-2812-1314-15$400
Crystal Reports Level 22 days19-2026-2729-3018-19$400
MS Project Level 11 day1281110912$195
MS Project Level 21 day13912111013$195
Adobe Acrobat1 daycall to schedule$250
Adobe Photoshop Level 11 day11068$250
Adobe Photoshop Level 2 1 day6735$250
Adobe Illustrator L11 day13171315$250
Adobe Illustrator L21 day20141712$250
Adobe Indesign L11 day8242022$250
Adobe Indesign L21 day15212429$250
MS InfoPath1 daycall to schedule$195
Ms OneNote1 day222761629$195
SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site Owner2 days23-2426-2714-15$500
SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site User 1 day1530212327$250